About Us

channelpeople.co.uk is a focused IT Channel jobsite.

channelpeople.co.uk is a job website where IT Channel vendors, distributors, resellers and service providers can advertise their latest vacancies to a targeted audience of industry professionals.

Designed specifically to make the candidate job search more efficient and productive, channelpeople.co.uk uses IT industry terminology and search filters that candidates are familiar with, allowing them to easily find vacancies relevant to them in just a couple of “clicks”.

Making the candidate journey more efficient and productive starts with the unique way job vacancies are posted to the site. Vacancies can be classified by Channel tier, i.e. Vendor, Distributor, VAR/Reseller, MSP/other, as well as by technology sector, job function, job title, salary and location.

Having the ability to accurately describe and position your vacancy is the key factor behind a candidate easily finding your vacancy during a job search.

This highly tailored approach is what differentiates channelpeople.co.uk from other job sites, and provides a natural filtering process so that you receive applications from suitable candidates only.

Whatever your status, if you're looking for your next career move, or represent a channel company looking for candidates with specific skills and experience, channelpeople.co.uk is the website you've been looking for.

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